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Only 35 grams, FieldWiz sensor is the smallest and lightest sensor available on the market with the highest level of integration (GNSS, IMU, Heart-Rate Monitor, BLE, ANT) and Swiss quality engineering.

GNSS sensor

  • 10Hz GNSS receiver, configurable up to 18Hz
  • Concurrent reception of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou
  • 30 cm relative position accuracy
  • Speed accuracy of 0.05m/s based on Doppler effect
  • Recording of 2D speeds

ECG sensor

  • Heart-Rate measurement
  • R-R interval measurement

Internal memory

  • Up to 350 hours of data recording


  • 6 hours autonomy
  • 1 hour full-charge time


  • 65mm x 35mm x 15mm


  • 35 grams


  • USB-C connector for data synchronization and battery charging