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Wearable tracking system for professional sports teams.

IMPROVE PERFORMANCE We will place you in the best possible position to monitor volume and intensity of each player, to allow you to maximize your team’s performance.

REDUCE INJURY RISK We make the whole data analysis process as smooth as possible for you: from planning the individual training load until reducing the injury risk.

MANAGE THE RETURN TO PLAY We provide you with the ideal tools to calibrate the workload during the injury recovery and manage a safe return to play.

Your decisions, strictly science-driven

Our innovative approach is the result of the teaming up with the pioneers of the metabolic power approach, a relationship which has strengthened over time. The gpexe R&D team, led by Prof. Pietro Enrico di Prampero and Cristian Osgnach, keeps implementing our analysis models, making gpexe the most advanced system available. All the traditional parameters are available: speed zone, accelerations, HR. Moreover, you can take advantage of the energy approach, which consists in calculating the metabolic power from the running energy cost (estimated) and the speed (measured), assuming that accelerated/decelerated running on flat terrain is biomechanically equivalent to uphill/downhill running at a constant speed.



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