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We are focused on fan-first engagement through the delivery of digital content and product innovation that fuel the emotions and excitement unique to world-class sport.

Founded in 2012, we have leveraged our rights expertise to pioneer the mainstream introduction of official data rights. We paved the way for a new revenue stream for our federation clients, whilst at the same time delivering greater value to the sports betting industry.

We are entering the data age of sport, where the eco-system for the modern fan is ‘always on’; and through GIFs, memes, clips and highlights has evolved to be truly 24/7.

Our ambition is to deliver a complete solution for the modern sports eco-system.

Our four pillars provide a simple structure for a complex business and combine to create a fan-first solution for the world of sport.

Our ground-breaking Content Creation solutions have enabled fans to enjoy real-time data and visuals from the world’s best sporting events. Our range of data collection methods have allowed next generation insights and live streams to transform the consumption of sports betting and media.

An open and modular approach enables products and services from across the eco-system to work together to deliver a best-in-class fan experience. Using our extensive distribution network across the Sprots Betting, Sports Media and Sports Performance verticals we enable Rightsholders to reach a truly global audience.