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After years of development, team Innoria is proud to introduce two neurofeedback technologies unlocking the infinite potential of elite athletes’ mental power.

The single-user system is enabling individuals to gain healthy control over their emotions, manage stressful situations, decrease the time of recreation, develop memory, master and optimize conscious focus under pressure.

You know what Michael Jordan said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Team Innoria has accepted the challenge and developed the first multi-user neurofeedback technology for the champions which is now ready to raise elite sports to a new dimension.

The system is able to measure, analyze and train multiple players real-time together. Deliver objective analytics about the players’ co-operation capacity with each other. Identify the players contributing the most to a peak performing team chemistry and the ones who may destroy it. Tell the coach which players are ready to manage stress and pressure the most and indicate a statistically traceable InFlow Index.

Our multi-user product is ready to take
off and make players

Mind the Game.