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A joint venture between Deltatre and DFL Group. Leading innovation in match data analysis and sports technology.

As a joint venture between Deltatre and DFL Group, headquartered in Munich, Sportec Solutions develops next-gen solutions in the fields of match data and sports technology.

Founded in 2016, the collaboration between Deltatre – the global leader in fan-first experiences – and DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga was conceived as an innovation-focussed internal lab, tasked with improving data deployment in German football.

Today, it delivers products and solutions that enable international sports properties to truly maximize the potential of their owned data ecosystems.

Sportec Solutions offers the most advanced gathering, storage, analysis, distribution, and analytics of live match data to clubs, licensees, partners, and clients. It also collaborates with renowned companies and scientific institutions to enhance its product development through expanded data processing.

Sportec Solutions also provides support in many other areas of sports technology, among which include officiating services, such as Goal Line Technology (GLT), and centralized Video Assistant Referee (VAR) services.